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Stacey Staback, MA, LPC

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stacey Staback and I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC). I recently opened a private practice in Freeehold New Jersey and am eager to extend my services to those in need of a therapist who is genuine and skilled in the application of various therapeutic approaches. My undergraduate as well as my graduate degrees are in psychological counseling. Since my first introduction to psychology class I was hooked on learning about mental health issues and human behavior. After studying various therapeutic techniques, I have taken on an eclectic approach to treating clients. Every client is different requiring an individualized approach to treatment; one approach is not suitable for every client. I have the privilege of working with clients as young as 4 and as mature as 80 years of age. The clients I treat are faced with a wide variety of challenges. Some of these challenges include mental illness (dual diagnosis), behavior issues, severe trauma, loss and grief, and strained family relationships.   I often utilize my creativity when implementing therapeutic approaches. Clients find this helpful when working toward attaining emotional health and wellness. I am confident in my ability to treat clients in the forums of individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. A few of the therapeutic approaches my clients respond well to are cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, play therapy, mindful meditation, and expressive writing.

  The client/therapist relationship is the primary focus of an initial therapy session. The bond that develops between a therapist and the client is paramount to effective therapy. I take pride in my ability to earn the trust and respect of my clients. As a true professional I am genuine and provide a nonjudgmental and confidential environment for clients.   Clients often feel exceedingly vulnerable during sessions as they share their thoughts and emotions. I am obligated to making sure clients feels safe and accepted at all times.

I work closely with each client to assure his or her needs are being met. I provide clients with flexible hours of business that include evening and weekend appointments. The passion I have for my career and my devotion to the people I treat is evident in my approach to therapy and the manner in which I manage my practice. I am truly grateful to have a profession that allows me to grow, both personally and professionally, through my experiences with clients. I could not imagine spending my time doing anything else!            

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